November 12, 2015

Time flies

Oh my LIFE. This household has been too busy lately, and it is driving me nuts!

First, we had Halloween, which is a huge party here. We had a great time trick or treating down Main Street, and the kids really liked their costumes.  Thaddeus dressed as a lumberjack. Blayne was famed  English explorer Isabella Bird Bishop. Daniel was a hot dog (hands down,  his costume was the crowd favorite. ) Taylor was dead. She wore a black dress and cloak, and we painted her face like a sugar skull. 

Also, Thaddeus got his tonsils out. He hasn't been talking at all because his throat hurts so bad. Oh well, at least he gets a break from school. 

Troy had been working out of town a lot lately.  He's been training and going to classes to learn all about New Mexico accounts and assets and such.And since he was out of town, and Thaddeus was about to have surgery,  my body decided to poop out on me.

I went to the walk in clinic here in town because I needed my meds refilled and a script for a yeast infection. A few days go by, and there is some improvement but I still feel pretty bleh. I ignore it, because that's what I do, and then I get a fun new symptom... blood in urine. Because I have a blazer and KIDNEY infection.  And the doctors thought I should stay the night at the hospital for observation, and I refused, because Troy was out of town, and Thaddeus had his surgery the next day.

Also, we will be spending thanksgiving in Arizona with the Bingham's.

And now, I am going to go to sleep!