October 6, 2015

ENT Adventure

Taylor had her surgery. It went well. The post-op recovery is not so fun. Girlfriend is tired, and achy, and keeps coughing up all the bloody crap that drained into her tummy during the procedure. Plus, every time she coughs, her nose starts to bleed, but she can NOT blow her nose, no sir, her nose just has to drip, drip, drip for the next two weeks.

(Official note: Taylor had a tonsillectomy, adenoidectomy, and a turbinate reduction on 10/6/2015. I have to put in a note, because I won't remember this at her next check-up, and will have to search my blog for this exact note because blog = medical history.)

And since it was a sinus surgery as well as the whole tonsil/adenoid thing, she cannot do anything to raise her blood pressure for two weeks. No trampoline. No running. No being crazy at recess. She just has to take it easy for a little while.

Dr. Knight was really nice too. He goes to church with us (total fluke. There are a lot of LDS doctors here. Like, A WHOLE LOT.) and has subbed in Taylor's primary class a few times. Plus, he has kids our same ages, so we are obviously going to be good friends... eventually. For Pete's sake, we just moved here! Anyways, he gave Taylor a bag of goodies with her discharge papers. She got a chocolate nose, which she can't eat right now, unless maybe she just let the chocolate melt on her tongue first. AND! She got the cutest shirt. It's a bright, orange tee shirt and on the front it says, "Got Tonsils?" And on the back it says, "NOPE!" It's pretty cute. She also got a weird stuffy toy that the nurses called a bear. It's not quite a bear, but that's cool. It's just a weird, happy looking thing that Taylor has clutched to her bosom from the moment the pre-op nurse handed it to her. The not-bear is named Mister Blueberry Snucklesomething.

Also, we get to make the change to allergy-free eating. We have a definite seafood allergy (Thaddeus), and, although it hasn't been confirmed by allergist just yet, we have a milk allergy (Blayne). I personally notice HUGE differences in Miss Blayne when she eats milk, versus not eating it. And I am 75% positive that we have gluten issues too. Not true gluten allergies, but definite sensitivities. At any rate, our life is about to get real REAL... as in food. We get to clean out our cupboards and have a Throw-It-Out party!