August 7, 2015

We're going camping

We are getting ready to go camping with our Los Alamos cousins. (Troy's Aunt and Uncle, and his cousin Jenny and her family.)  Me and the kids are pretty excited, Troy... not so much. He's not really into the whole camping thing, but I'm bringing an air mattress, so he's being a good sport and coming along. Oh Troy, the shenanigans you let us get up to.

Meanwhile, successful camping is a LOT of work. I am working off two lists: gear and grub. Technically, I only need to have dinner ready, but since we'll be there from about noon until whatever time on Saturday, I know my kids will need more food. THEY EAT SO MUCH OF THE FOODS. There are always at least two children having growth spurts.

Also, it's a primitive campsite, so I bought one of those toilet seats that fits over a 5 gallon bucket. Troy is properly disgusted, while the girls and I are quite pleased that we won't have to squat in the bushes. I have never mastered the whole "copping a squat" thing.. my pants always end up a teensy bit wet, and I am totally grossed out, and it's a WHOLE THING PEOPLE. So we're bringing our bucket toilet and we're excited about it.

I also have a plan to bring all the crap food from my house to camp. We have so much junk, and I have no willpower, and I just need there to not be Mike and Ike's hidden in my cupboard. Plus, I am going BACK to my clean-ish eating thing. I felt so good when I wasn't eating sugar, yeast, and dairy... so I'm going to begin avoiding those things again. I expect I will have a super fun sugar withdrawal going on quite soon. And I'm talking processed sugars, like in bread and such. Sugar that is in, you know, AN APPLE, is okay.

Anyways, CAMPING!