August 11, 2015

Weekend Update

Camping was a great success. We do know that we need another tarp for next time, and if we go on our own, probably a card table or two. We had a fantastic time hanging out in the woods with our cousins. AND, Bernice and Davis have the nicest dogs ever. Daniel has been very skittish around dogs his whole life, and as he's gotten older, he has retained his wariness. However, as he has had more pleasant dog experiences, his nervousness has begun to subside. Spending this last summer around Gram-ee and Grand-Dad's nice little dogs, Morph and Rocky, has changed his mind. And THEN, he met his Aunt Verity's dog, Fred, who is a big, lovable, dope. And NOW, we live by Bow and Rusty, who are very well trained, and who have sealed the deal for Daniel. He has decided that he LIKES dogs, but only certain ones. I told him that's GREAT, because most people only like certain dogs. Naturally, this means I have been researching dogs, because we might finally get a pet.

Meanwhile, I have spent the last two days planning and prepping to get my house back in order. I think a lot of people don't realize how much work it takes to have your house in order, and to have a system that works for you, and your family. My kids are older, my house is smaller, the system requires an update. I'm also streamlining our menu plan a bit, because of the above reasons. Plus, we are going to be lunch packers now, and since lunch is my least favorite meal of the day to prepare, we need an overhaul. At any rate, I am *thisclose* to being done (for now). After we get the house and food under control, the next system overhaul is the BUDGET! *jazzhands* I am excited/not excited about that one.

Also: School starts on THURSDAY! We are PUMPED!