May 18, 2015


So Blayne has a sprained elbow, with a possible fracture. The doctor couldn't decide if this sharp little bone chip was part of a growth plate and totally normal, or if it was a little break. So we're waiting for the good people to read the x-rays and give us a call. How did she do this? Rollerblading of course. And it happened on Friday. But her elbow isn't swollen, and she still has full use of her arm, so this morning, when she was getting ready for school and STILL complaining about her arm hurting, I caved and took her to a doctor, to find out that she actually DOES have an injury. I was trying to feel bad about not taking her in sooner, but then I remember all the times I take people in immediately and NOTHING ENDS UP BEING WRONG. At any rate, it's under control and Miss Blayne has a sling and a brace.

Also, I stopped working last week. It has been very hard to solo parent, especially considering that I am un-medicated because the insurance company is dragging their feet with my prior authorizations.

At any rate, working was compounding a lot of my health issues, and it got to the point where I was triggering exacerbation's, which was awful. Also, just like with any job, there are things you love, and things you tolerate. And guys? I could not tolerate any more. The whole environment was getting hostile, and I tried to put on a smile and show up and do my job, but I could not hack it anymore. There were some disappointing circumstances that led to me leaving my position immediately. I don't really want to get all in to it, but it was very similar to the time a teacher told me that I was a poison. Certain people got very loud and very vicious, and I got very done. When my scolding was complete, I asked if there was anything else, then I went quietly back to my classroom, packed up all my stuff, and resigned. Not an ideal last day of work, but I felt a MILLION times better as I drove away.

Besides, we are moving so very soon, and I needed a few extra days to pack.

SO. That's all we've been up to... how's it going in your neck of the woods?

OH YEAH, I forgot to mention. Troy sent me a photo, because it was SNOWING in New Mexico. I'm pretty sure Mother Nature forgot that it is now SUMMER time.