May 21, 2015

Eight is Great

Taylor is EIGHT. Her birthday was yesterday, and it was great. Well, semi great. Her class got in trouble at school because everybody just kept chattering and chattering!  And her brother kept complaining about his dumb throat, so we ended up at the after hours care getting a throat swab. (Strep throat for the win!)

Luckily (for me, from a mom standpoint), Taylor had picked a pretty easy birthday dinner that I had made earlier in the day. We had bean and cheese quesadilla's, bean and corn salad, homemade guacamole, and pico de gallo... and watermelon. She really wanted watermelon.

Her birthday cake was VANILLA, with VANILLA BEAN FROSTING, not to be confused with white frosting. She actually had some pretty specific requests for her cake, but I had to shut that down. Taylor is very particular about some things. She knows EXACTLY what she wants all the time. However, what she wants is usually not available, because it all comes from her super sparkly imagination.

For her gift, she got a black fedora with black sequins, and a pair of overall shorts, with a cute white and coral zigzag pattern shirt. She was thrilled, because she has been eyeing hats and overalls for months now.

Taylor will also be baptized next week. She is very excited about it!