May 1, 2015


We've been WAY too friendly with doctors lately.

Thaddeus is allergic to shrimp.

Thaddeus ate some fish that shared a plate with shrimp.

Thaddeus broke out in hives. His eyes were almost swollen shut. He was super nauseated. And there was also some severe joint pain.

Thaddeus got to skip ahead of all the other people waiting in the emergency room (Ha-ha suckers! Actual emergency for the win!) Then he got a shot of epinephrine, followed by a chaser of steroids.

Then we came home.

Except his prescription steroids weren't a high enough dose, so he had a rebound reaction, which was even worse than the initial one.

Which meant more doctors, and more medications, and more pain and swelling and all that glorious allergic reaction nonsense.

He is now on a very high dose of steroids, which he will take for the next few weeks. He also still has hives, but they're slowly reducing in size. He also missed four days of school, and was BEGGING to go back. (Being at home alone is so boring.)

ON TOP OF THAT: Daniel's dumb toe infection hadn't gone away, so now HE is taking the super antibiotics to kill all the bad germs.

And Taylor has a tonsil stone. Did you know that other body parts, besides kidneys, get stones? Because I didn't. Girlfriend needs her tonsils out, but with the upcoming move, it's just not the best time for any surgical procedures.

Meanwhile, Blayne continues to be relatively healthy. Though her body hurts, because she is growing like a weed. Blayne continues to be the tallest child in this house, by a solid inch and a half. In fact, she can now shop in the adult sections of clothing stores. In fact, I have to get her new bottoms today, because she has been strictly wearing workout pants because they are stretchy.... because the button up bottoms she has don't button up.

And all of the above reasons are why, when my kids asked to go to the movies, I laughed in their faces. I'M SORRY. I HAVE TO FEED AND CLOTHE YOU FIRST AND ENSURE YOU DON'T DIE FIRST.