April 19, 2015

Life and such

Daniel had a little problem with his toe a few days ago. Thursday night, he woke up SCREAMING in pain. Poor kid had a terrible ingrown toenail, and it was killing him. I made him go to school Friday, with a promise that I would call the doctor and make an appointment. Sadly, our regular doctor doesn't work on Fridays, and after my own problem with the stupid "urgent care", I turned to the internet to find an pediatric urgent care. I find one that is pretty darn close to us, and when Daniel got home from school, I took him to get some professional help.

When we checked in, the gal at front was very sympathetic to Daniel's plight, but she assured us that this was our lucky day, because their "toe guy" was in, and, according to her, he was the best. 

Daniel's toenail was a lot worse than I realized. It was ingrown on both sides, and infected. The infection had even started to move up his leg, as evidenced by the red streaks up with foot and the front of his shin.

At any rate, he had to get shots to numb the foot (OW to the millionth degree), then after everything was good and numb, the doctor had to drain all the crap from his roe, then he lifted, cut, and removed part of the nail from each side, followed by an application of silver nitrate to cauterize the nail tissue and prevent it from growing back,

Daniel was then cleaned up and bandaged, and given a strong antibiotic to kill all the bad germs. His foot still hurts, and is rather tender. I received strict instructions on how to clean his wounds, and he has been limping around the house the best he can.

Then today at church, someone accidentally stepped on his foot! He didn't cry until he got in the car, because he didn't want anyone to know that his toe was hurt. When we got home, I ordered him to put on his pajamas, then meet me in the bathroom so I could check on his toe. I had to clean off some yucky stuff, then we put on his antibiotic ointment, and gauzed and re-taped his toe.... which is still incredibly tender. Suffice it to say, Daniel has had a pretty bad weekend.

MEANWHILE, Thaddeus went on his first scout overnight camp-out. He had to pitch his own tent and everything. When we picked him up, he was absolutely filthy and a little bit grumpy, which means he had a wonderful time.  He was very proud of the fact that he had fire duty, because he knows all about how to build fires, thanks to all our front yard camping.:)

As for the girls... they haven't really been too busy. We are waiting for Taylor's baptism dress to arrive (any day now!), and she is happily planning her event. The only downside is that I have to keep crushing her dreams, because her plan is more wedding reception than baptism. Even the dresses were a problem. She drew a picture of what she wanted and YOU GUYS. It was an A-line dress with rushing, a corseted back, and a train!  I shut that down rather fast. Now she's just deciding who should do what for the baptism program (she has asked Blayne to please play a song on her recorder) and what food to serve, because Taylor is a foodie.

On to myself: I am going on the SWANK diet with a little bit of the Eat to Live guidelines thrown in. My MS has been acting like a big fat jerk lately, and I need to do whatever I can to get it under control. I've been hunting down meal ideas and recipes, because for me, that's the hardest part of anything. And I have to have a plan BEFORE hand, otherwise I get overwhelmed with options, and fall back to old habits. Therefore, I have decided on three breakfasts. I can rotate thru them, and not get bored or annoyed  at them. As far as lunch goes, I don't really care if I eat the same thing every day. Same goes for snacks. Those don't have to change, like, ever. It's the breakfast and dinners that throw me.

Anyways, I'm pretty excited to start this. It takes about 30 days to really feel a difference, and I am going to be tracking it TO. THE. LETTER. We shall see how it goes, but I have a good feeling.

Lastly... Troy. He leaves this week for New Mexico, while the kids and I stay until the end of my teaching contract. I'm excited for this new adventure, but I'm not so excited about solo parenting for the next 6 weeks. Oh well, right? YOU GOTTA DO, WHAT YOU GOTTA DO.