April 6, 2015


So life is crazy around here, as usual. It's spring break (yay! No alarm clocks!) which we kicked off by going grocery shopping, and to my doctor's appointment. I had the kids charge up their tablets and bring a book, because my appointment always takes an hour. (Physical therapy for my pelvic floor... It's a little more intimate than your standard physical therapy.)

At any rate, since I last updated, I've had a birthday, and it was Easter. Easter also fell on general conference weekend, so for the Sunday session, we went to our friends, the Williams family, home. We went a little early so the kids could do an egg hunt and play a little before they have to shut their mouths and watch church on the TV.  (And yes, that is how I explain it, especially to our non LDS friends. Mormons have their own vernacular, ya know?)

Anyways, birthday, Easter, conference, packing.

And packing and packing and packing.

Troy is heading out to New Mexico in like, two weeks, and then it's just me and the kiddos for a month. I fully plan on it being a little crazy around here. Which is why I am taking a little break from school. I'm having a 2 month term break, so that I can get things handled, before diving back into the school scene. I mean, can you blame me? Moving down the street is headache enough, coordinating a cross country move is a totally different story. Plus, this time I have kids in school, and I have to bring school records, and medical records, and yadda, yadda, yadda. I can't be worrying about my own personal homework on top of that.