April 8, 2015


This week is a "Watch-a-thon" from our television cable... you know, the thing where they let you have all the premium channels for free? Anyways, we are watching all sorts of great movies! We finally saw The Amazing Spiderman (and the boys could not BELIEVE when Gwen hit the ground and DIED. When do the superheroes girlfriends die? NEVER. THEY ARE SUPPOSED TO BE HAPPILY EVER AFTER. Which made Daniel not like the movie quite as much. "It was kinda good, but she shouldn't have hitted the ground.")  

We also watched Captain America Winter Soldier something or other.

We have BIG PLANS to watch MORE television tomorrow, like a bunch of fat, lazy slugs.

Also, one of our regulars (as in: neighbor children who are at my house all of the times and eat meals with us regularly) was back from his spring break vacation, and about died when he saw our house, full of boxes and missing all of our pictures and such. "You really are moving?" Cue sad music, rinse and repeat. We have absolutely loved living in this area, and have made wonderful friends. Tomorrow afternoon, we are visiting some of our favorite people, the Williams family, and soaking up all the friend juice we can get. Plus, I have to give them my banana bread recipe, and I need to get her spaghetti sauce recipe. You know, IMPORTANT THINGS LIKE THAT.

Meanwhile, I am on official countdown mode for New Mexico. Troy will be leaving in two weeks. That is crazy! And it means that in like, 4 weeks, we will fully enter "Eat all the perishables" mode. Need to eat up the stuff in the freezer, since it's going to be unplugged for a week and all as we drive across the country. Suffice it to say, my life is ruled by LISTS and ORDER and MORE LISTS these days. I kinda like it.

OOH! Which reminds me that I have very successfully handled lunch this week. I hate lunch time. I feel like it is the stupidest of all meal times, and I very much enjoy having my children eat school lunch. I actually based what *I* was preparing on their typical lunch menu. Not like, the main dish items and whatnot (although, I do have to say that my kids have it pretty stinking good in the lunch department. They eat better than I do.) Anyways, instead of me worrying about what to make and having lunch sneak up on me, I picked a main dish, plus a vegetable and a fruit. And instead of hemming and hawing over that decision (because if I don't want to eat it, I don't want to make it. But then I decided to just shut the heck up and be a grown up about it) I just put it together, rang the dinner bell, and that was that. In fact, today at lunch, we had three regulars joining us, and they proclaimed it was the best lunch they ever had: macaroni and cheese, mixed veggies, and grapes... with water. However, this could be because their dad doesn't know how to cook much of anything and they don't have food in the house. My spy children told me that their fridge only had milk and nutty bars inside. Which is fine, I shall feed any child that is at my house at meal times. Cooking is my love language. And cleaning.

Anyways, I have some fun TV shows to binge watch now. It's so wonderful that my spring break coincided with the cable company! Sleeping is for the weak!