February 16, 2015

Professional Patient

Today I started at one doctor's appointment, which turned into me going to another one immediately, which turned into me needing to see a specialist. Plus, I got prescriptions for an antibiotic, an antibacterial, and pain meds.... For a stupid ingrown toenail.

When I was a kid, I used to get these all the time, and they would get really bad too! But I haven't had one since then, until now. Of course, it all started innocently enough. My foot got run over by a scooter, and cracked my toenail. It's been slowly growing out and healing and whatnot for a few months. Except that a little sliver of nail has obviously gone rogue and decided to be a big, fat, jerkoff.

Meanwhile, it is actually snowing, and the counties have already cancelled school for tomorrow. Which is good, because I don't really feel up to teaching after being poked and prodded all the live long day.

Also, I need to have a BFF that's an actual doctor. Otherwise, Troy needs to change careers.