February 24, 2015

Feb 24, 2015

The children went to school today! Hallelujah!

Well, most of the children. Blayne stayed home sick, because she was having trouble keeping food down. I actually need to make an appointment for her with the eye doctor, because I think her glasses are the wrong prescription. She's been having terrible headaches, and I think that might be why. Otherwise, we're going to see a head doctor, because  LUCKY DUCK has a family history of migraines and brain stuff. See also: my poor children are cursed.

Meanwhile, Troy and I have taken to watching the History Channel's "Legends of the Superstition Mountains" mini-series. Basically, it's following a bunch of crazy old guys who are trying to find the Lost Dutchman's mine. And we share funny/strange looks and laugh hysterically about it. It's great fun for us. The best thing about the episode we watched tonight was, the guys were camping in the desert, and they were all concerned about other people seeing their fire, because they didn't want anybody to know where they were, because then these non-existent other people might find the mine before they did. At which point, Troy commented, "Yeah, you really have to watch out for those boy scouts." And I added, "don't forget all the Youth Conference pioneer trekkers." Then we laughed some more because OH MY LIFE, IT'S THE STUPIDEST SHOW EVER.

I've also spent most of today organizing all my school stuff. I really need a filing cabinet, but that would involve me spending money so.... pass. I've just had lesson plans and activities all over the place, and it's been driving me (and my family) nuts! I just need like, one more big bookcase, and I'd be set. I've been popping into the thrift shops, but haven't had any luck just yet. I'm on the lookout for a tall, 5 drawer dresser, and a good, sturdy bookcase. Plus, I want to get some doors for my current bookcases. But I would want to get 4, so, again, MONEY.

Which reminds me that we need to sell the jeep. We bought a car, because the jeep has been slowly dying, and a gal from Troy's work was getting rid of hers. So, she practically gave it to us, and we are now the proud owners of 3 vehicles, which is ridiculous. Plus, the jeep was in the shop AGAIN last week, and we dropped all our extra cash on that puppy. So now it's running great! So I want to sell it before something else magically happens! Plus, I just looked online, and our exact jeep is selling for upwards of $8000. Now I just have to get the husband on board...