December 20, 2014

Together Time

Today is the first full day of winter break. Troy has even taken all of next week off. We are going to have so much togetherness that it scares me.

Naturally, we've kicked it off with at least one sick person. Thaddeus was sent home from school on Thursday because his fever was so high. FriDAY he seemed to be just fine, but in the evening, his fever came back and he went to bed early. Today his fever is super high again, and he just has a general yucky feeling, especially in his head. I'm just hoping that nobody else catches this mysterious ailment.

Meanwhile, I'm redoing my menu board, because it needs a little update. Right now, I'm sorting the dinners based on main ingredients; chicken, pork, vegetarian, etc. Plus, my regular breakfast and lunch staples have changed since I last did my menu, so it is in dire need of an overhaul. I'm hoping to get it at least somewhat under control pretty quick because I need to go grocery shopping, but I don't want my shopping trip to be wasted, especially since Christmas is next week, and we need certain things to make other certain things happen. I would be  more specific, except with all this togetherness, I have spies reading over my shoulder. I swear, having kids that read is a blessing AND a curse.

Also, I spent last night furiously wrapping, because I just wanted it to be DONE. It was hilarious because there's a rather large gap in my door, and Daniel kept trying to SNEAK and PEEK. I have a sign posted that says STAY OUT and BACK OFF and things of that nature. It was funny though, because Daniel thought he was being so sneaky, except that I could see his little eyeball trying to get a glimpse. I would then say, "I SEE YOU" and he would start giggling like crazy and deny that he was sneaking. "I was just walking to the bathroom! No! I promise! I didn't see a big box! I promise!"

But I have to wrap up, because our together time has already devolved into a massive fight. Joy.