December 17, 2014

Almost Christmas

Merry Christmas to me! I splurged and got another round of steroids, new splints, and TWO NEW MEDS! I am so excited, I couldn't even wait til next week to use them! Related: I have used all the monies in my flex spending account in less than six months. It's a hard skill to master, but master it I has.

(I do need to complain that I still have an extra 10 pounds of flesh from my LAST round of steroids that I haven't been able to budge, so I'm SURE that this round will be just as delightfully pudgy.Sidenote: I need a walking buddy.)

Here's the thing: my carpal tunnel is flaring up like a beast, an old spinal injury is being a jerk, plus, I'm having those wonderful eyeball spasms, that start up in my brains and shoot down to my toes.... but only periodically, like, when I turn my head to look at something different from what I'm looking at. Which is to say, they're happening all the time. However, they're happening so OFTEN that they're almost cancelling each other out. Probably like when you get on a boat, and you have to adjust to your sea legs.... I've adjusted.

At any rate, my "real quick check up" turned into  a "why didn't you call us when this first started? Are X, Y, and Z also happening? CALL US."

Here's the other thing though, I hurt all the time. I twitch all the time. How am I supposed to differentiate between remission and relapse when I feel exactly the same?  And since no body can give me a definitive answer, I am going to continue my same course of action, and, unless something profoundly new and disturbing suddely appears, I'll be golden.

Meanwhile, I was looking through my blog the other day, you know, because Daniel had to go to the doctor, and I needed to figure out all the times he went, and GUYS: I used to not be a whiny brat.

I'm going to go back to that. It's time. In fact, I have a game plan for 2015, and I am going to OWN IT.

Also: Daniel's nose has been cauterized. It has been fabulous thus far.

Also also: Dear Mom, I ate at Bojangles. It was okay. The "cajun hot sauce" was a mild tabasco sauce. I tried their dirty rice (it had like, breakfast sausage inside. not a fan.) and mashed potatoes. The potatoes are EXACTLY the same as KFC, but the gravy is thicker and more turkey flavored. (However, I just looked at the officialy Bojangles menu, and the mashed potatoes on their site are not the mashed potatoes we were served.) We also got a biscuit, because that's what they're famous for. It was awesome, and it had fresh blueberries in it. Any ways, I have finally eaten there, and I know you'll find this information helpful.