June 17, 2014

Summer Plans.

Summer is here. Blayne has traveled to Arizona for the annual Tenth Year Cousin Camp. She's having a great time, and is spending lots of time in the pool. She's learning how to dive, synchronized swimming, and mastering her swim strokes. By the time she gets home, she'll be super tan, and super blonde, thanks to those great Nordic genes.

Around the house, we're getting into our summer groove. Yesterday, we had a family planning meeting, where we decided what we're going to be doing the next little while. The library has some fun free programs; we decided which ones we wanted to go to, and put them on the calendar. We also found out that a movie theater in Richmond shows free movies on Tuesdays & Wednesdays. We decided what movies we wanted to see, and what ones we could skip, and added those to the calendar too. We also went through our cub scout books, and added a few things to the list. Plus, there's the regular stuff that you have to do regardless of the time of year... chores, laundry, yard work. I also decided that we would pick one room (or set of rooms in some cases, ie the bathrooms) a week to deep clean. This will give us plenty of time to scrub and scour every inch, but also, we won't get frustrated with spending untold hours in a row with grunt work.

Meanwhile, I have taken to crocheting. It's helping with my hands, because they get tight sometimes, and it's a great way to exercise them. I used to practice the piano to do this, lots and lots of scales, but when we moved, we didn't bring the piano, and we haven't replaced it yet. I'm also going to pick up some knitting needles today.

At any rate, we have a plan of attack, and I have my fingers crossed that we won't kill each other in the next few months. Wish me luck.