June 24, 2014

Odd Man Out

We are in the throes of summer and it is fabulous. This week, we’re focusing on geology. With two boys in cub scouts, we have a lot of patches to earn, so we have a special focus each week, and by the end of summer, we’ll have completed all our requirements and then some. At any rate, this week is geology. Yesterday, we learned how the earth is made, and what the layers are called. We also learned about rocks and minerals. Then, we went on a dig to find good rocks. It was harder than the kids thought it would be, because I told them they had to be picky about the rocks. We wanted them to be big, about the size of their hand, but not so big that they couldn’t carry them by themselves. Then they had to wash them and set them out to dry.

Today, we’ll be doing some tests on our rocks. We’ll  also be making our own fossils. Oh, and we made a paper mache volcano. We’re waiting for it to dry, then we’ll have a lot of fun.

Also, my phone has died. We think it’s just the battery, so hopefully all will be fixed when the new one gets here. Of course, if it’s not the battery, then who knows what we’ll do. Phones are stupid, but necessary. Especially considering that we don’t have a landline, and one of my children is out of state. Actually, I don’t particularly MIND not having a phone, but I want to take the pictures off of it.

The kids are getting more used to interacting with each other sans Blayne. It’s been hard on the kids, because they just don’t know what to do with themselves without her. Taylor is especially missing her, and her willingness to play stuffy games. The boys are faring a little better, except for when they get on each others nerves. Then they don’t know WHAT to do. And when there’s four people, then you can have even teams. But when there’s only three, then it’s two against one, and that’s never fun for the odd man out.

At any rate, we’re doing just fine around here.