May 22, 2014

Taylor Turns Seven

Our darling daughter Taylor Evangeline turned seven this week. She was "too excited" to sleep on Monday night, on account of her birthday being the next day. And since we don't make people go to school on their birthdays, she got to stay up a little later than usual.

For her birthday, she got a new dollie AND matching outfits. So they can be twins, and have twin hair, and do everything just the same as TWINS. Plus, we went shopping, because Taylor has really been into shopping lately. Actually, both the girls have. At any rate, we went shopping, and she picked out matching nightgowns, because then, her and her dollie could be bedtime twins!

When we got home, Taylor played out back on the rope swing, and rode her bike, and did whatever she felt like. And we made her birthday cake. Vanilla cake, with vanilla frosting, and chocolate sprinkles on top in the shape of a "7". All in all, it was a very successful birthday.

Taylor's Favorites 2014

Food: Bacon
Song: the songs from the movie Monster in Paris, and Roar by Katy Perry
Movie: Monster in Paris
TV Show: Teen Titans
Color: Black
Book: Princess Pink and the Land of Fake Believe
People: her family
Thing to Do: Art stuff
Game: Rummikub