January 2, 2014

Another Year Over

Long time, no post. I resolve to be better at documenting life in 2014.

I also resolve to wake up at the same time every day. This will require me to go to bed at night. Which means that my life is either totally sad, or totally awesome.

Meanwhile, I'm in the midst of burning CD's so that we can have new music to clean to. One must have happy music to clean properly. Of course, you cannot beat Carole King's Tapestry album. It's the best work music ever.

As for the house update, our offer was not accepted. That's okay, we'll start over and see what happens.

Oh! And Christmas! We had a good Christmas. The kids all got tablets, and email addresses... This means that instead of talking to me, they email me. "Mom, when is lunch?"  "Mom, I hear fighting downstairs." "Mom, do you like very fuzzy things?" "Mom, where's Dad?" It would be cute if I didn't get 100 messages a day from each individual. I've had to put a limit on the number of messages they're allowed to send. We've also already had our first screen break, and all I can say is thank goodness for eBay. We have a new screen coming, and I ordered cases for everyone too.

Other updates.... Well, I've been looking for a job lately. I've applied at a lot of places, but I haven't been contacted back yet. And I've been applying everywhere. I just want to have a little extra cash, plus interact with real, live people. I would be a most excellent employee. I just need someone to see that. le sigh.