December 20, 2013


We've been crazy busy, BUT! School is officially out for winter break, so hopefully, things will start to slow back down.

Blayne was in the spelling bee this last week. She did really great, and was one of the last spellers standing.

Daniel was in the second grade play, The Nutcracker. He was one of the Chinese dancers, and he did a great job!

Thaddeus and Taylor haven't had any "exciting" school stuff yet, and they're pretty bummed about it. OH WELL KIDS. It's so hard to be left out of exciting events.

Meanwhile, I want to tell you a fun story called: Drama Queens All Around.

One of my children was having a tantrum because they were told to put their bike away. (I know, the nerve of me.) But instead of putting their bike away, they decided that they wanted to cry. So I told them that they could continue to cry outside and come in when they were done. Now, when one of my kids is upset, the other children try to "fix" it. Which means that when I went out to check on the crybaby person about 10 minutes later, all of the kids were at the end of the driveway.

There was also a guy standing there. Naturally, I thought that this meant that Troy had gone out to see if someone would like to come inside. So I called out, "What's the problem?"  which is when the guy yelled back, "Lady, you got a problem with your kids."

Which means that the guy was NOT Troy.

This was also when my children decided to run back into the house, and they told me all about how they were trying to get the sad/mad person back inside, when the neighbor-they-didn't-know came up to them to see what all the commotion was about.

I blew it off, and sent the upset person up to have a shower and calm down, and I went back to making dinner. Then the doorbell rang.

I told Troy that he should answer the door, because I didn't want to deal with any neighbor people who thought I was a bad parent.

But it wasn't crazy neighbor people.

It was the sheriff.

Who wanted to know why my children were outside, alone and crying, for more than thirty minutes. Because he was told that the parents were not at home.

At which point I rolled my eyes and said, it was NOT thirty minutes and P.S. both parents are home and have been for quite some time.

At which point I was informed that there were two witnesses that said otherwise.

WIT.NESS.ES. (even giant-er eyeroll)

I was dumbfounded. Troy also assured the officer that there was no way that the kid was crying outside for 30 minutes.

Then the kid in question came down and explained that they were mad because they had to put their bike away, and that they were fine now, and everything was dandy. And then me and Troy just stared at the guy until he said, well, okay then, guess I'll be going.

But I am seriously so annoyed at my "neighbors", which I put in parenthesis because I didn't know who they were, and my kids don't know who they were either, because 1) You're a big fat liar. 2) My kids were not hurt, or in any danger. The biggest danger was having STRANGERS approach them.  3) Wouldn't anyone rather their kid be crying outside than inside? It echoes indoors. 4) They were ON OUR PROPERTY. 5) I could hear them, and was fully aware of the whole situation because in addition to my own ears, I was getting play by plays from the other children. And 6) the SHERIFF? You for REALS called the SHERIFF? Wouldn't you at the very least come and knock on the door of the house and be all, "uhh... did you know your kid is out here crying?" because I would have been all, "Damn straight."

Also, did I mention that today was the last day of school before winter break? We're off to a GREAT start.