December 2, 2013

December Birthdays and MS Fun

Thaddeus' birthday was today. He's now 10, and is officially a Webelos Scout. It's a pretty big deal. He had a good day at school, and his teacher gave him a big laffy taffy bar, and all was right in the world. To celebrate, we had a vanilla cake, with vanilla frosting, and vanilla ice cream, plus he got to play his new video games with a friend.

Blayne's birthday was yesterday, and she turned 9. Blayne really, really loves the American Girl dolls, but they cost a LOT of money. So we got her a knock-off version, with a few new outfits, and she got a REAL American Girl DVD. Plus, it was Sunday, so she was sung to in Primary (as was Thaddeus). Her flavor picks for birthday cake were a cookies n' cream cake, with whipped cream frosting, and cookies n' cream ice cream.

I didn't make it to church on Sunday. This winter, my Raynaud's has been getting out of control. In the past, I've had the most issues with the toes on my left foot, but this winter? Both my feet, AND my hands are affected. I can't keep warm, and it's so annoying to feel the different parts of my body going numb. I feel like, if it's NUMB, I shouldn't be ABLE to feel it. But I can feel that I can't feel. It's so stupid.

Plus, I've had the dreaded "MS Hug" a few times this week. That's a fun one. The first time it ever happened, I thought I was having a heart attack and I went to the hospital. But nope, it just FEELS like a heart attack, and my inability to breathe is all in my head. (For reals, when it starts, I have to go lay flat, and tell myself, "Breathe Caroline... It's not really anything... This will go away soon....") The problem is that my chest just gets so stinking tight! It's an issue guys.