December 5, 2013

Called to Visit Teach

The weather here is seriously bipolar.  I just can't plan anything when one day it's 65 degrees and sunny, and the next day is 27 degrees and rainy. I JUST CAN'T.

Meanwhile, I've taken a bunch of the visiting teaching handouts and general conference printables that we made this year and turned them into a BOOK. That you can BUY. With real DOLLARS.  They're available for purchase now, and will be until next year, when we do this all over again.

The book is Called To {Visit} Teach. Because I thought it was cute, and when you self-publish, you get to make those kinds of decisions.

Want to see a preview? Of course you do.

C a l l e d T o : {Visit} Teach by by: Mormon Mommy Blogs | Make Your Own Book

Of course, you don't have to buy the book. You can always go to my website and download all the graphics for free and print them yourself, but it will probably end up costing about the same. Your choice.