October 17, 2013

Love, Caroline

I was going to make our Halloween costumes this year, because I really like to make costumes, but then I realized that Halloween is in like, two weeks, and that I'd rather shoot myself in the eye than add "costuming" on to my to-do list. So I went to eBay and a few clicks later, we are set. I thought about making the kids wear something we already have, and they'd be totally fine with it, but then I remembered that Halloween is my favorite holiday and that *I* would be sad, so new costumes it is!

Meanwhile, I have another church calling. Two actually. I'm a Webelos den leader, and I'm also the branch choir director. I was always at the church on Wednesday night helping anyways, so they just made it official. This is okay with me, because I like to be in charge of things and do them my way. Also: I have been searching for a Christmas sacrament program all the live long day and I'm not finding one I like. I think I'll have to piece a few together to fit what we can do. (A lot of the programs are written for wards that have an over abundance of musical talent. Flute solos? Cellists? We're just hoping for warm bodies over here.) I also have to take into account the ability of the pianists we have available. Because there's me, and one other lady. And if I'm conducting, she has to be accompanying, and we need the music to be less crazy and more traditional.

I also have taken people's stuffies away. My children are packrats and their rooms are disgusting. So I have made a 5 stuffie rule, and the rest have gone on vacation. Tomorrow, when they're at school, even more toys will be going on vacation. This is because I'm a horrible mother, but this is okay, because I fully embrace my horribleness.

I'm also in the midst of catching up on homework. The storm last week took out our satellite, which means: no internet! Kind of makes it hard to log in to my classes. Tomorrow, I get to spend the whole day on line playing catch up and taking quizzes. Then I shall reward myself by not making dinner, and ordering pizza for the family. (It's the little things.)

Meanwhile, my critiques for my English papers have all been this: ending too abrupt! And I'm all, I KNOW! Tell me how to fix this! Have you read my blog? I JUST STOP!

(If I start signing things, Love Caroline, do you think that would fix the problem?) 

Love, Caroline