October 23, 2013

Clearing Out

It's spirit week at school, which means that people have been wearing mis-matched socks and weird clothes all week.

Also, I called to have the repairmen come back to the house. Luckily, their "head tech" was in the area, so as of this afternoon, our dryer works without using the ironing board to hold the door shut. It's very nice to not have to move things out of the way to switch the laundry.

I also dropped a class from my schedule. It was just too much homework for me to handle. So, I withdrew, and I feel good about it. I can only handle two classes at a time, which goes along just great for my ten year plan.

Meanwhile, I had to clean out Blayne's backpack today. It was bulging and she was complaining about how heavy it was. Of course, when I said, "Why is your backpack so big? What's in there?" she tried to pretend that she hadn't just been complaining. Inside, I found two entire book series. Naturally, I removed all eleven books. She also had three pencil boxes, with lots of school supplies that have been lost from our homework station. Best find of the day: a full size philips head screwdriver. When I asked why she needed a screwdriver, she said, "for emergencies!"  Her backpack is probably 15 pounds lighter now, and she's not very happy with me. Luckily, my feelings aren't hurt.

Now I would like to talk about television. Because there are lots of new shows on that I am watching. Mostly, are you watching The Blacklist?  It is perfection. James Spader is amazing, and I kinda want for the storyline to make him be the dad of Liz. It would explain so much! But I'm going to be wrong about it, and that's okay.

I'm also loving the spin off of my favorite vampire show. Mostly, I just really like that I can get my vampire fix twice a week. Plus Top Chef has started, and Grimm starts Friday. There's also a new Dracula show starting, and I'm going to give it three weeks before I make decisions about loving/hating it.

Meanwhile, our current favorite family shows are Guy's Grocery Games, Halloween Wars, and The Amazing Race. Do you guys watch the Animal Planet and History channel? Because we also like just about anything on those stations.

I make it sound like we watch a lot of TV, but I promise, it's just me. My children only get in 3-4 hours of TV time a week. And I watch TV as I'm doing other things, and I use the DVR. I don't think I've watched live television in years. Commercials are the WORST. I'm just saying, that folding laundry is a lot more fun if the TV's on.

Also, do you remember my magical pills that make my body not hurt and help me sleep? They are working too good. I could fall asleep at any time. It makes life difficult when I fall asleep every time I sit down. So I have to call the doctor tomorrow and change up the meds again. (My life is oh so glamorous.)

Good news is that the copaxone injections are going great. The injections themselves don't hurt going in, but about fifteen seconds after the injection, it burns! And I get a nice hard lump and itchy redness. It lasts less than twenty minutes, but it's a really uncomfortable twenty minutes. I haven't had any bruising at the injection sites, so that's good, but I do bruise more easily in general because of the medication, so my legs look like really ripe bananas. Sexy.