June 25, 2013


Man alive, I feel like I haven't been on the computer in forever. I've been busy with life, but not a whole lot else.

My sister, Berit, and her boys came to visit. So far, so good. The kids are enjoying having cousins, and they are especially enjoying baby cousins that they can boss around.

We have no great plans for while anyone is here, we just do our regular stuff with extra people.

Today is our day trip day, and I wanted to take everyone to this birding and wildlife trailhead that I pass all the time. Except that we followed the signs, and turned where it said to turn, and there was nothing there. So we drove a little farther, and there continued to be nothing. So we turned around and tried again, and still no luck.

We switched gears at that point, and decided to go see the King William Courthouse, because it would be interesting and also pass off a cub scout requirement. I like having a cub scout, because the books always have lots of good ideas of things for kids to do. We visited our dad while we were over there, because he works in the building behind the courthouse. It was pretty interesting, and the kids got a kick out of pretending to be locked in the stocks.

Then I remembered that on the way home from church, I pass another "birding and wildlife trail" sign, so we loaded the kids back up and went to check out that trail. It was also non existent. And since we had 8 people looking for it, and 6 of those people are legitimately helping, we were pretty sure that we didn't miss it, unless we were collectively being dumb at the exact same moment. (It wouldn't be the first time)