April 7, 2013

The Koala

I have a problem. Her name is Taylor, and she is five, and she sneaks into my bed every night.... Every stinking one. 

I take her back to bed, to no avail. Last night, I took her back to her own bed three times. Finally, I made a nest for her on the floor so she could be next to me, but not touching me, but it wasn't good enough. We call her "Koala girl" because of the way she hugs me. It is uncomfortable, and it is hot and sweaty, and I have no idea what to do with her. All I know is that today, my body is killing me because I am tired, and my lower back hurts from being kicked all night. 

In other news, the kids go back to school tomorrow, and we are all sorts of excited. My kids like school, and I like that it gives them something to do. Easter to Spring Break to General Conference has led to too much togetherness. I'm all for family time, but I'm also for alone time. And I get to enjoy some much needed alone time tomorrow morning at 7:28 am. Hallelujah.