April 5, 2013


I like not having any plans for Spring Break. It takes a lot of pressure off of me, and it makes the kids interact with each other more. It's interesting to see who likes who best any given hour.

Also: we got the house all cleaned up. It looks and smells awesome, which is the predominant factor in how I decided if the house is clean. It can be messy, but still clean. Clean means that there's not layers of filth and gunk built up and breeding. Messy means that people live here. Plus, if it's messy clean, it can all be "picked up" really quickly, which is good because sometimes in life you get surprise visitors. (I actually am not a general fan of surprise visitors. I prefer a two minute heads up text or phone call. That way, I can make sure that everyone has on pants.... Pants are our arch nemesis.)

I still haven't heard back from VCU. I think I'm going to register at the local community college, and then if I get in, I'll unregister, but if I don't, then I'm golden.

Also: I have a wicked headache, and it is no fun.