April 22, 2013


All of the original fish died because our pond water was too clean. That's a thing, I guess. Luckily, when I went back to the pet store (yeah, there's a two week warranty on fish lives) I got to talk to a guy who actually knows about fish instead of the random teenage employee. We got some healthy bacteria something or other, put it in the pond and let it circulate for a week, then we got more fish. But just the cheap goldfish, because that's what the guy TOLD us to do, and so far, so good. Also: we have a lot of goldfish, because I told Troy to get $2 worth of fish, and at ten cents a pop, we have our very own habitat.

In other news, on one of those late nights when I could sleep because my back was hurting so bad, I made a purchase. The problem with late night television is that it's all informercials, and they just make everything look so danged appealing. Add in to that the brain fog that accompanies sleeplessness, and you have a captivated audience that will buy just about anything. At any rate, I now own the Zumba Exhilarate fitness DVD's. I have not tried them or anything, I just wanted to let you know.

I also finally got my office cleaned out, and the mystery pictures put away. I feel very good about not hanging more pictures. I am going to eventually print out some photos of the kids and hang those up, but that day is not today, or possibly even this month. I'm so good at making plans.

Meanwhile, I have a new favorite TV show. Vikings on History Channel. If I have to explain to you why a show about Vikings would be good, then we can't be friends.