January 23, 2013

January 23, 2013

It snowed here last week, which is a big deal, because it doesn't snow here. School was cancelled for Friday, and since it was Martin Luther King Day the next Monday, the kids had a very long weekend.

It also froze the satellite, which interrupted the signal, which made it hard for my kids to play computer games. Not that I minded, I've severely limited their computer usage these days, because I am a horrible person that thinks kids should go outside, or read a book, or play a board game, or even with each other. It's perfectly barbaric.

I still haven't gotten a refill on my MS meds, and I for the life of me DO NOT UNDERSTAND what the problem is. My neurologist has pre-authorized the script through January of 2014. And the new prescription company is child company of the original pharmacy, so it should be an easy transfer. But it's not. Because the cow jumped over the moon or some such nonsense. AND THEN! THEN! the lady on the phone suggested that I get some samples from the doctor, at which point I began laughing hysterically. They don't give samples of this, are you kidding me? They wouldn't even fill my original prescription until a FIELD NURSE came to my house and TRAINED ME on the proper way to administer my injections. And she calls me... regularly. I HAVE MY OWN NURSE, so no, I don't think I can just swing by and pick up some samples. Not to mention that I have recently moved so it's quite a long drive to pick up these samples, and JUST REFILL MY MEDS ALREADY.

It's so frustrating.

AND my arms and hands have started going numb again, which is why it's sort of an emergency that I have my shots. Not that hands or arms are important. *scoffs*

Also, we bought furniture for our house. And I'm having a couch and a love seat made in the best fabric ever! The couch will be in a gorgeous paisley of grays, blacks, and a hint of brown. The love seat is a stripe, and we got rugs and another couch, and end tables, and YOU GUYS! It's like we're real grown-ups! (Never mind that it's taken over 30 years....)

And here's a totally random thought for you, mostly because I have the TV in the background, and dumb commercials keep popping up. There's a chocolate milk commercial where the kid comes home from school and is all, "Is there anything good in there?" and the mom is all, "Hmmm... how about this delicious milk?" and THEN it goes to a shot of the kid drinking a full glss of milk, and the gallon of milk is on the table next to him, UNOPENED.

GUYS: I can't tell you how much it annoys me. Where did the milk in his glass come from? Not from the container sitting next to him, it's still sealed. I know this is dumb, but it bugs me. Is he even drinking that milk?  I DON'T THINK SO.

In other news, every day, I like the house we're in more and more. I would even consider buying it when our lease is up, provided the price isn't scandalous. (You never know these days.)

I'm also about to go to the grocery store, which means that I get to take myself out to lunch. Yeah, I treat myself. I DESERVE IT PEOPLE.