January 15, 2013


I keep forgetting to blog because my computer is located in a room I pretty much never go in. That whole, out of sight, out of mind thing.

Meanwhile, it's been a week since I was here last, and what a week it has been.

(Actually, it's pretty much been the same as every other week of my life, but I like to pretend it's exciting.)

Mostly I've been fighting via phone with my new mail-order pharmacy. Do you have a mail-order pharmacy? I think they're probably called something more professional than that, but I can't remember at this point in time. At any rate, DadGuy's new job = new insurance. The coverage is GREAT. For REALS. But the pharmacy that I used to order my MS drugs from doesn't have a contract with the new insurance, so I have to go through the contracted pharmacy and BLAH BLAH BLAH, I'M OUT OF MY DRUGS.

Not that I don't mind  skipping the injections of chinese hamster ovaries into my person three times a week, it's just that those magic hamster ovaries make me not have MS relapses. Sure, my hair falls out like crazy, and I'm super fat, BUT I CAN FEEL ALL OF MY TOES ALL OF THE TIME and I can WALK. I mean, I don't know how YOUR body works, but walking was really iffy for me for awhile. (Have you ever "tried on" the canes at the pharmacy? Because, you know, I have. I even have a walker picked out for in the future... life is so glamorous.)

In non-medical news, I have started making breakfast again. Don't get my wrong, cereal is awesome. But it makes me feel good to know that my kids have a hot breakfast in their tummy before school.

Meanwhile, school is going really super good for the three younger kids, and so-so for Thaddeus. I kinda decided that if he doesn't start coming home happy in the next little while, then I will pull him out and home school for a while.  I'd rather keep him home for a year or two NOW, then have him learn to hate school and people for the rest of forever, you know?

And other than that, we don't have a lot going on.