August 14, 2012

The Swing of Things

I've decided that I'm going to blog every day because I need to get back in the habit.

I actually need to get back into the habit of a lot of things, like waking up to an alarm clock. <- not excited about that.

Meanwhile, I am so stinking sick today. Thankfully, I have fantastic friends who just happened to all call me up today and check on me, and upon hearing my voice, decided to save the day and take my kids to the park (Thank you Miriam) and to the Pool (Thank you Angie) and bring me dinner and Dr. Pepper (Seriously Angie. Thanks)

It's been great to not have the kids here, because I can lay on the couch feverish and with ice packs by myself and when I have to run to the bathroom to throw up, there is no pounding on the door and kicking people out to be done first.

Plus, can we talk about how dumb it is to have a headache that hurts so bad you throw up, which in turn makes the headache worse? IT'S SO DUMB.

So are alarm clocks. Which I don't have. Except on my phone, which is fine, but then the charger is never where I need it to be, and my life is so difficult. (not really, but I like to pretend like not knowing where my charger is 1st world problems.)

And now I'm going to go back to bed, and pretend to see out of both eyes, and not vomit. Yay life.