August 13, 2012

Show me the Money

Let's talk about all the dumb test/evaluation things you have to do BEFORE you can get financial aid. Because I've had to spend way too long answering the same questions over and over and over again, just so I can get a little money to go to school. 

In other news, we hit up the tax free weekend, and got the kids everything they needed for school. Taylor got the most stuff, because after taking a quick inventory, it was noted that her wardrobe mainly consisted of pajamas.... This is what happens when you're the fourth child, you wear hand-me-downs until mommy notices that you look like a hobo.

Meanwhile, next summer, people will be on swim team. I have decided. (That's how it goes in our house.)

ALSO: I received a cute new tunic from Fresh Produce awhile back, and I thought that I had told you about it, but as it turns out, I HADN'T. (Let's blame the MS.) At any rate, I love it, because it's lightweight, and long, and lightweight. (Mostly that's what I care about these days, alright?) Check out their spring clothes (I know it's almost fall... I'M SORRY PEOPLE... MY BRAIN DOESN'T ALWAYS WORK) and please love this swing skirt as much as I do.... in black, por favor. 

And now I'm going to figure out how much textbooks are going to set me back..... $493.45! YES! (no.)