July 17, 2012

Good News

This morning my neurologist called to tell me that he wanted to see me.... at two o'clock.

I always love getting phone calls like that, because it just SCREAMS good news, you know?

(That was also sarcasm)

At any rate, I ended up going in, and guess what?

Everything is fine!

And by everything is fine, I mean that I have ZERO new lesions... of course, the old ones are alive and kicking, but they haven't gotten WORSE which I guess technically puts me in the remission phase of this degenerative disease.

I was also given some new medicine to try for the intense migraines that I get in the summer. It's not a big deal, except that the medicine is in powder form, and I have to mix it with water, and it tastes like a cough drop, disintegrated in mouthwash, with a hint of fake sugar. I'll tell you what, readers, I can pop back pills like they're tic-tacs, but I have to pump myself up to drink anything. {shudder} Luckily, it's not something I have to take everyday... Just when I feel a migraine starting. Of course, I have already decided that I will have to be really desperate before I voluntarily drink those meds again.... REALLY desperate.

I also have decided to drop a class from my schedule. I only did it so that I can schedule appointments without worrying about missing class, and also: Christmas. I mean, when am I supposed to get anything ready for the holidays if I'm in school every day of the week? I need a day to do all my secret stuff.

AAAaaannnnddddd scene.