July 24, 2012

Dear Tuesday: it's tell-all time!

Guys: Do you even LIKE our Tuesday Tell-All link thing-a-ma-jig? Because by the looks of it, YOU DON'T. Do you know how that makes us feel on the inside? Answer: Dead. We are DIED on the insides.

Okay, not really, but we figured we would try to shame you into linking your blogs to us. SHAME ON YOU. (Is it working? Blast, I can't see your face.)

At any rate, this is the Tuesday Tell-All where it's all about YOU! Link up your blogs, and yes, we mean you. We want to see your family blogs, your crafts blogs, your sewing, cooking, book club, and anything-we-might-have-MISSED blogs... It's pretty much a blog link free for all.

Now please, show us what you got. I am going on vacation in the morning, and will have oodles of time to peruse the internet. (Yes, I fully intend to hide in the air-conditioned hotel room, while my husband and the grandparents take the kids to un-air-conditioned places.... what? I'm not good at summer. It's medically documented and everything.... besides, I packed everything, see? Now, give me something to read!)

Don't forget to grab a button! 

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