May 17, 2012


Probably the best thing I ever did that has worked out in my favor was going to cosmetology school. Because even though I don’t work in a salon, I can do my kids hair, which saves us however much a haircut goes for these days, time five.

At any rate, I cut their hair every couple of weeks.

needs a haircut

And usually, we have the same types of haircuts.

haircut requests

Thaddeus is cool and likes mohawks and spiky hair and the occasional weird color application. Once, I even gave him a partial mohawk, with three lines shaved into the side of his head, and it was bleached blonde. He was pretty much the most awesome 2nd grader ever.

wicked awesome 7 year old(picture not accurate representation… OBVIOUSLY)

As for the girls, well… they’ve had everything from an a-line bob to a pixie cut and everything in between. Because I think hair should be fun. Especially when you’re a kid. When else is it acceptable to rock an asymmetrical bedhead pixie that you partially cut yourself with plastic crafts shears?

i can cut my own hair

At any rate, I’m pretty willing to do whatever. Which is why it cracks me up to no end that my sweet boy Daniel always wants to look just like his ultra conservative father.

negotiating with Daniel

So then he tells me what he wants… which, for once in my life, is something that I just cannot bring myself to do.

Danny's dream haircut

Because, my dear friends, the circle on top in which he is referring is where my husband is beginning to lose his hair.

And I am not going to cut a bald spot on my 5 year old.

dream crusher

And then my sad, defeated child realized that he was not going to get the hair cut of his kindergarten dreams.

So he changed his request…

monkey haircut

So I cut his hair like a monkey…. whatever that is, and the was thrilled.

monkey boy