March 27, 2012

Wilbur comes to Virginia

I have a brother. And my brother, who is the token boy in the family, had a pig.

The pig’s name was Wilbur.

Wilbur and my brother were buds, and they grew up together.

And everyone who lived in our house growing up knows the significance of Wilbur.

You see, Wilbur was a celebrity.

Wilbur did NOT like to be touched by girls, which was unfortunate, because he lived with six of them.

And I’m pretty sure he has a special diet, but I don’t know for certain because he was a rather private sort of fellow.

At any rate, both my brother and I grew up and got married and moved away and, you know, LIFE HAPPENED.

And when my brother heard about Daniel’s surgery, he emailed me and told me he would like to send Danny a package.

I figured it would be a card, or a coloring book. You know, just a whatever, generic, thinking of you sort of thing.

But that is not what happened at all.

Inside the box, was WILBUR.

My brother sent Daniel WILBUR, which practically made me cry because it was so thoughtful, and also: it was the first time in my life that I got to HOLD Wilbur… albeit only for a second.

Because Daniel, who wants to be just like Uncle Morgan, promptly picked him up, rubbed noses, and took Wilbur on a tour of the house.

Daniel also received a letter, that told him all about Wilbur.

You see, Wilbur is a specially trained hospital pig, who specializes in the recovery of little boys. In fact, Wilbur went to school for a very long time, just to learn how to make people feel better. He is very good at hugging, and at making sure the doctors fix the right ears.

Naturally, Wilbur accompanied Daniel into his surgery, and is still helping Danny to feel better.

Morgan: these pictures are for you.


Also Morgan: thanks.