March 18, 2012

One Week In

So I’ve been eating to live for a full week now.

I’m doing pretty good, so long as I take it one meal at a time. I can’t even think about it in terms of a day. I have to break it all down and then I can eat perfectly for breakfast. Then lunch. And on and on and on.

I’m actually having a problem with timing breakfast, because of two particular medications I take in the morning. One needs to be eaten with food, and one needs to be on an empty stomach. And I have to take them at specific times, because it would throw off my nighttime meds. My life revolves around when I take pills. Which is fine… I pop ‘em like skittles.

ANYWAY. eating: going fine. I’m also doing lots of smoothies, and I cram ‘em with spinach and kale and lettuce and stuff. Because, and this is going to sound really dumb, I can’t always chew. It hurts my teeth and my jaw, and it’s totally a weird MS thing that I have going on, and as long as the nerves in my tongue work and don’t make everything taste like rusty nails, it’s not a problem. So like I was saying, my smoothie probably has 3 servings of fruit and veggies, it tastes delicious, and I usually have to make it twice in a row so that everyone gets a drink.

But Mostly: I made good eating choices for a WHOLE WEEK. I feel like I should get a trophy.