January 10, 2012

Let's talk about how much I hate coming up with post titles... and other stuff.

I accidentally stopped adding labels to my blog posts. And by accidentally, I mean that I consciously stopped adding them because I was all "What is the point?" except that NOW, I WANT them there, for no other reason then I feel like I want labels on my blog posts on Tuesday night. IT'S JUST WHAT I WANT.

We have three cars now. And only two drivers. It's a teensy bit obnoxious. BASICALLY, our jeep broke, and it's getting fixed by a mechanic friend, and in the mean time, instead of sharing one car, DadGuy got another one on the cheap, and THEN when the jeep is fixed, he's going to put both of the cars up for sale, and then we'll just WAIT AND SEE WHAT HAPPENS.

Personally, as much as I like the jeep, I do like having a car that has seatbelts for all the children. It brings peace to my paranoid mom heart.

My kids started piano lessons last week, and I'm pretty sure that they haven't practiced. This is because our Xbox also came back from being fixed, and we finally are getting to try out the new games that we got on Christmas. Do you know what is awesome? Getting video games for Christmas and NOT HAVING A VIDEO GAME CONSOLE.

I also now have an exercise bike in my house. It's sorta a big deal, because remember how my leg goes numb when I walk or use it? WELL. If my leg goes numb while I'm riding a bike IN MY HOME, it's all good, because A) I won't fall off and B) I'm already home. Can you imagine me on a real bike, riding around a real neighborhood and then having my leg go completely numb? It's not like when your foot is asleep and it's obnoxious but you can control it someone. My WHOLE LEG turns to rubber and starts flailing around like an octopus. Or, at least what I imagine an octopus would look like. I'm basing most of this opinion on the scene in Pirates of the Carribean with THE KRAKEN.

Meanwhile, the thing I hate most in the world of personal blogging is trying to come up with post titles. I mean, I could put the date, but THEN the date would be there TWICE. And I don't always want to use the date, because sometimes, on occasion, I actually do have a funny/witty title, and the regular date header is nice to have. But I don't want to have a double date. NO DOUBLE DATING. Unless, of course, you're talking about dating in an entirely different context, and then a whole new set of parameters comes up and you know, THAT.