November 13, 2011

Sunday Notes

Thaddeus had his *baptism interview today.

It makes the fact that he is turning EIGHT and getting baptized much more real.

For the last month, I’ve been trying to decide on a menu to have after the baptism, because it’s happening at 11am, and that is pretty much lunch time, and I have been going back and forth between soups and salads or maybe Mexican… Then in the middle of the night, when I was laying in bed not sleeping, I decided that I am not going to do either of those things. Instead, I’m going to make a few different kinds of bar desserts, because I can make them in advance and freeze them, plus, they don’t have to be hot OR cold, AND if people are really hungry, they can go to McDonalds.

Hi. My name is Caroline and I am low maintenance.

Of course, now I’m just trying to decided what kind of bar treats to make. Because SOME treats you can cut into 1 inch squares. And OTHER treats should be bigger. Of course, since we WILL eat the leftovers, I can make as many whatever as I want and not worry about it.

I’m sure that some of you are thinking that I am over thinking this whole baptism thing, but to you I say, WRONG.  It is a BIG. DEAL. I even have the week before all planned for us, because on the day of the baptism, I don’t want to be cleaning anything, or rushing to polish shoes or find a comb.  I want the day to go like this: Wake up, eat breakfast, get everyone ready, and show up on time.

Of course, this means that the night before, people have to be clean and the house needs to be clean, and all of our clothes have to be clean. Those are three things that take considerable forethought.


Thaddeus had his baptism interview today, and he is ready.

- - - - - - -

*If you want to know why we wait to baptize our kids, here’s a great podcast to listen to called, Why are children baptized at 8 years old?