November 8, 2011


I’ve decided to go digital.

I have loved making each and every page in my children’s memory books, but I have to confess, that I haven’t completed a single page the whole time I’ve lived in Virginia. Which is really sad considering I was once caught up on everything.

Then we moved across the country. Then I had surgery. Then we moved again. Then stuff, stuff, life, and BAM! Memory books were moved to the bottom of the priority list.

So I’ve decided to go digital, because most of our life is now digitized, and it just will make everything so danged easy. And then when I’m done, I can make digital copies to send to the grandparents. Of course, I’ll be printing out my own copies, and one for each of the kids. Then, when they grow up and move away and have their own families, they’ll take their family history along with them…. Ideally and all.

Besides, I have to do something to occupy my mind and fingers when I’m too exhausted to get off the couch.