August 22, 2011

Video Diary | August 22, 2011

We made a video diary. Because I’m that lazy today. And my arms/hands are numb which makes typing a BIG FAT PAIN in the behind. 

Caroline Bingham Video Diary – 8.22.11

And on a totally unrelated note, DUDES. My drug company is awesome. Which, when you take into account how much money I will spend with them in just the next year alone, you realize that of COURSE it should be. It’s just nice to speak to people that are ACTUALLY HELPFUL and who believe in good customer service. It’s refreshing.

And again, with the entirely unrelated: I am annoyed by google and it’s trying to make everything into one account, and not letting me use my primary email address as my primary email. and THEN it didn’t even let me link my existing gmail account, because, it already existed. So now I have yet ANOTHER email. Which is just what I didn’t need. IT’S SO DUMB. (rant over)