August 31, 2011

Information Overload

So... you know how YESTERDAY I admitted that I actually WAS having side effects? Yeah. Well, my neurologist is NOT A FAN of that.

Especially considering that I'm only on 20% of the actual dose.

And APPARENTLY, when you take a medication, they would like for that to FIX an issue,

And not make it so you would actually have to take 2 MORE medications to counteract the side effects from the one... especially when I'm not even on the full dose yet.


Tomorrow I get to go back in and talk about more medications.

Naturally, I've been doing my "research" which pretty much consists of google-ing everything ever written about MS drugs, which helps me understand the various differences between therapies, but it does NOT help me make a decision. They all have their pros and cons.

(And can we talk about how everyone has conflicting information? You need to suppress your immune system! You need to increase your immune response! Chemotherapy is the answer! Diet and exercise will fix you! GAH. TOO MUCH INFORMATION!) 

So I have decided to just do whatever my doctor tells me to do.

Because I am an excellent patient like that.