August 18, 2011

Haircuts and Doctor Appointments

SO. Back from the doctor. Again. Still don’t quite understand all the test results, and frankly, don’t really care. The important thing is, I DON’T have Lupus. I DO have UCTD (undifferentiated connective tissue disease). Treatment is the same for both conditions, and because of the side effects of the medications, I have to see an ophthalmologist. MORE CO-PAY!

I also have very low Vitamin D. Which is awesome, because I already take a few thousand units of Vitamin D daily. So now I get to take a SUPER supplement once a week.

I also get to have a bone density test in 6 weeks, because if you have low Vitamin D, that usually means that your body isn’t absorbing calcium, which, you know, is what strong bones are made of. (Maybe that’s why I keep hurting my dumb ankles?)

We also went over, IN GREAT DETAIL, health and nutrition. At this point of my life, we want to prevent any of my diseases from progressing further, (did I tell you that my favorite candy is a trigger for me? RIP Sour Patch Kids) so I will follow a pretty strict eating plan for the next six weeks. We’re calling it  “housecleaning”.

After that, we’ll reconvene with the doctor and have another chat.


In un-related news, the boys got wicked awesome haircuts. Mostly our Aunt Verity will appreciate this.

danny mohawkthaddeus mohawkboys mohawk

P.S. Dear Verity, Tad wants you to know that he has THREE STRIPES on the side of his head too. And he’s blonder.

P.P.S. Dear Grandmas, it’s just hair. It all grows back.

P.P.P.S. Dear DadGuy, Surprise!