July 14, 2011

Book Recommendations

I need book recommendations.

GOOD book recommendations.

And YOU, my good people, are going to help.

Obviously, I have criteria.

Criteria such as: I don’t want to read anything that I would be embarrassed to read, out loud, to my grandmother.

And also: I like political and medical thrillers, as well as science fiction/fantasy type things.

Murder mysteries are usually not fun, because I always figure it out. (Can you please get a new plot line Mary Higgins Clark?)

And I prefer not to read things that are overly dark and depressing, because reading is my escape.

Just like in the movies, I like when things blow up.

I like magic, and dragons, and time travel, and trolls, 

And vampires, and werewolves, and dragons, and pirates.

Suspense is always welcome, as is anything that will make me SQUEE out loud with delight.

I NEED to be able to go to sleep after I read a chapter, and I need to not have bad things happen to children.

I also need to to be able to turn off the lights when I’m done, because as a 29 year old woman, I am still slightly afraid of the dark. (I can’t help it… My imagination is a dark and terrible place.)

WITH ALL THAT BEING SAID: I am now gladly taking suggestions.