May 27, 2011

Summer Plans: 100+ things to do with your kids this summer

With less than a month left until school gets out, I am making Grand Plans to ensure that we have something to do every day.  (And I just counted, we only have 80 days of summer vacation. That is not even a full three months. I remember summer being so long!)

I am in the process of making a 100 Days of Summer advent calendar, and in each pocket, there is going to be a slip of paper that has what we’re doing for the day inside.

Of course, when I say Grand Plans, I mean that I am willing to go on a few day trips.  The majority of the summer will be spent at home, and these are the things we will be doing (you know, in addition to our regular every day things like practicing the piano and swimming). I present to you:


  1. run through the sprinklers
  2. wash windows
  3. have a picnic
  4. go to the beach
  5. go to a waterpark
  6. have a BBQ
  7. make s’mores
  8. go camping
  9. go to the river
  10. movie day
  11. wash the cars
  12. write a letter to someone
  13. make cookies
  14. have a lemonade stand
  15. go to the zoo
  16. visit a museum
  17. make popsicles
  18. blow bubbles (foamerator!)
  19. watch the fireworks
  20. have a watermelon seed spitting contest
  21. make cards (birthday, thank you, etc)
  22. Have an Unbirthday party
  23. lay on the grass and watch the clouds
  24. bird watching!
  25. scavenger hunt
  26. make a quilt
  27. read a book
  28. make a treasure hunt
  29. have a game night
  30. stay up late and watch a movie
  31. make a movie
  32. go fly a kite
  33. make a bird feeder
  34. learn first aid
  35. learn a new song
  36. make up a funny skit and perform it for your friends
  37. water balloon fight!
  38. make your own ice cream
  39. go bowling
  40. draw a self portrait
  41. make your own pajama’s
  42. learn about an animal
  43. go on a day trip
  44. visit “downtown”
  45. make your own jam
  46. give yourself a pedicure
  47. make a dish you’ve never made before
  48. plant some flowers
  49. play kickball
  50. start a collection
  51. go on a bike ride
  52. make a fort
  53. have ice cream sundaes
  54. see a movie at the drive-in
  55. go to the park/playground
  56. decorate a shirt
  57. have a parade
  58. learn about the night sky and find constellations
  59. make a family flag
  60. go to a free concert in the park
  61. be a secret helper - do a nice deed for someone, and don’t tell them about it!
  62. feed the ducks at a pond
  63. go fishing
  64. play hopscotch
  65. make strawberry shortcake
  66. have a summer Olympics
  67. go on a factory tour (day trip: We’re going to Hershey’s!)
  68. make your own pizza
  69. make snow cones in your blender
  70. go on an alphabet tour - snap photos of all the letters in the alphabet
  71. have a puppet show
  72. have a “board” day - play board games all day!
  73. do a science experiment
  74. make taffy
  75. learn to hula hoop
  76. play hide and go seek
  77. build a time capsule
  78. build a rocket
  79. make a marshmallow gun and have a marshmallow fight
  80. climb a tree
  81. visit the fire department
  82. paint a room in the house
  83. catch a bug
  84. learn a swimming stroke
  85. get a haircut
  86. visit a farm and pick fruits and veggies
  87. go to the temple
  88. SWAP! - take your friends kids for the day, and then they’ll take yours for a day.
  89. ride a scooter
  90. watch all the Star Wars movies
  91. watch all the Pirates of the Caribbean movies
  92. write a story
  93. get a junior ranger badge
  94. go to the county fair
  95. learn a new card game
  96. make play dough
  97. learn a dance
  98. see the sunrise
  99. have a musical concert or talent show
  100. make a diorama
  101. learn a new word - try to use it as much as you can!
  102. put together a puzzle
  103. make a maze
  104. decorate cupcakes
  105. play Frisbee
  106. hunt for four leaf clovers
  107. go on a boat ride
  108. take a train
  109. make a collage
  110. make a sandcastle... out of graham crackers!
  111. build an obstacle course
  112. build a model car
  113. mini-golf!
I’m getting excited for summer! How about you?