May 27, 2011

Rule of Life #43

We have allergies.

Which is to say, that during certain times of the year, both me and the DadGuy have problems breathing.

During the day, this is “no big deal” but at NIGHT,


That’s a completely different story.

RULE OF LIFE #43: If you have to mouth breathe when you lay down, it is most polite to turn your head away from whoever you are sharing a bed with.

in bed, not breathing on each other. GOOD

Last night I was finally comfortable, and drifting off into a peaceful slumber when DadGuy decided to roll over and mouth breathe on me.

why did he have to roll over

I do not like being breathed on.

And when people are facing each other, and mouth breathing, the air gets hot and stale and stinky.

It is very unpleasant.

So I had to roll over, which was fine, but it took another 8 minutes to find a comfortable configuration in which I could fall asleep.

this is uncomfortable

But then DadGuy rolled BACK over.


Which allowed me to roll back over because I wasn’t that comfortable facing that direction and besides, my ear was hurting.

At any rate, I could finally lay the way I wanted and all was glorious in the land.

finally get some sleep

Until the DadGuy ONCE AGAIN rolled over and breathed his hot breath of allergy season upon me.

are you kidding me

So I shoved him in his face.

Which startled him, AND made him roll back over.

Which is exactly what I was going for.

finally get some sleep

The end.