April 10, 2011

Real Life Love Languages

Sometimes when people talk about what their love language is, I want to die. Mostly because ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha, ARE YOU KIDDING ME? (And I even took the test. One of the questions, literally, was would I rather have my husband help me with a project, or give me a small gift... Personally, I would have appreciated a sub-question at that moment, because it all depends on what the gift is. Like, is it a small gift like earrings (yuck) or is it a small gift like "look how the ceiling magically painted itself." See? I think we can all agree that clarifier's are needed for that quiz. ALSO: I was embarrassed to even read questions about how I like someone to touch me: answer: not much and your public displays of affection are skeezy. and also "do you like your husband's hugs?" Really quiz? REALLY? WHAT ARE YOU IMPLYING? Because if just a hug, sure. If not, RED ALERT personal boundaries apply.)

At any rate, we have our own version of the love languages in our home, and they are as follows:

1. TV

When you watch stupid reality TV with me, it's like you are saying, "Caroline, I love you." Likewise, when I watch anything on the Science Channel or any show where the main character has a creepy mustache, it's the equivalent of me saying, "I heart you too."


Teasing is acceptable, nay, even encouraged in our home. To know us it to laugh at us, and seriously folks, if your kids never get made fun of until they're in high school, they won't know how to handle it. True wit is a learned art form.


Late night errands usually involve a trip to Taco Bell or the pharmacy. And who goes depends on a plethora of things like: who has already put their pajama's on, what is the weather currently like outside, does it involve getting out of the car, and has Caroline already removed her make-up?

How about your house? How do you guys "show your love" (and don't be skeezy.)