February 9, 2011


.... my kids all get sick, and only one of them is legit needs antibiotics type of sick and so that one person suffers for longer than is necessary because I think it's just a bug that is going around. My apologies to Taylor's sad ears.

....I forget how many people (in real life) read my blog. Then they say something to me about something that I wrote, and I am confused because they think I was talking about person A, when in fact I was referring to person D-List because I never talk about person A. {shrug} (it could possibly because of cryptic blurbs of information like this.)

.... DadGuy gets loudly annoyed at the people he is playing video games with.... until I remind him that the people he is playing with are FOUR.

.... I don't time dinner exactly right and we have showers and get all ready for bed, THEN eat.

.... I run out of things to say so my blog posts end awkwardly. (like now for instance.)