February 8, 2011


I have three half-written posts sitting in my draft folder, just waiting for an ending.

Unfortunately, they're going to have to stay there awhile because I am tripping over the words, and jumping back and forth between storylines, and I have a new found respect for people that can easily weave bits and pieces of background into the story without making everything sound awkward.

Then again, I'm nothing if not awkward.

In other news, we have been taking turns being sick around these parts, which means that we all missed church on Sunday, and nobody went to school Monday either.

Somehow in the midst of that, I painted the living room the most gorgeous shade of gray, and for the first time since we moved in, I cleaned my house because I WANTED to, and not because I HAD to.  Which has got me to thinking about how funny it is that now that my house isn't yellow, I'm starting to almost love it.

It just goes to show that you take much better you take care of things when you love them.  And when you don't like something, it doesn't matter how clean and bright and shiny it is, you still hate it.

AND we took down those stupid floor length white curtains and rods and patched the holes. Then we installed blinds! Glorious blinds! Okay, only one set, because the other window is a weird size so they're custom ordered. But getting rid of those curtains makes the room look so much bigger and cleaner.

{happy sigh}

Pics to come!