December 30, 2010

Wintertime Blues

I was going to write this whole big post about how GLAD I am that winter break was almost over, and then I looked and FUNNY THING. I wrote the exact same thing last winter break.

No really, I did.
It's cold and windy and they are refusing to go outside which has turned into a severe case of Whiny Pants Syndrome.

Symptoms include: Whining. Tantrums. Hair Pulling. Biting. Screaming. Extreme Mood Swings. Stubbornness. Sassing. Obstinance. Flailing body parts. Bursts of strength. Door slamming. Name calling. Tattling, followed by more tattling...

It even goes on to tell about that one day when the shortlings threw FOOD over the stair railing.

And while we haven’t thrown any food down the stairs this year (yet) we have:

*ripped two curtain rods out of the wall
*broken a couch
*okay, TWO couches
*drawn lovely crayon families on the walls
*woken the neighbors at 7am with blood curling screams over what cereal we were going to eat

and that’s just the things I’m willing to admit.

Dear Monday: Please get here faster.