December 29, 2010

Christmas 2010

This year, each shortling got to choose a cookie to make for Santa.


We made toffee squares, orange drop cookies, Indian jumana’s, and cream cheese sugar cookies. Basically, we were sugared up.

Following in the Christensen Family Tradition, I decided that the kids were old enough to learn to play my favorite card game of all time: Dutch Blitz.


On Christmas Eve, instead of our traditional Mexican feast, I chose to make Café Rio. Because it is easy, and I wanted leftovers. I have no pictures, because we were busy eating and talking to our friends, as it should be.

Of course, we also got to open ONE GIFT on Christmas Eve….


And it just so happens that the gift we opened was brand new jammies.


(Don’t we look awesome?)

Then it was time to write a letter to Santa.


Thaddeus says: “Dear Santa, We were pretty good kids this year. I want a rocket.”


Blayne says: “All I want for Christmas is my teeth to come out.”


Daniels says: “I want three things please.”


And Taylor says: “I want a stroller.”

Then we set out cookies and milk, and went to bed.

Santa did not deliver any of the things they asked for, but that’s okay, because he got them other awesome stuff. PLUS, we managed to catch a picture of him in our living room.


Which was pretty much the highlight of the day.


Merry Christmas.

Red heart,

The Bingham’s